Archive \ Volume.8 2019 Issue 1

Investigating the Effect of Openings on Steel Shear Walls Reinforced with Methods V and Ʌ and Reinforcement of the Openings’ Edges

Saeid Jafarpour , Nader Abdoli

Background and Aim: in recent decades, steel shear walls have been introduced as the first lateral load-resisting systems, implemented in several high-rise buildings. Due to their efficient performance, these systems are now widely used as systems resistant against lateral forces such as earthquakes and winds. This system includes a steel plate as high as the story and as wide as the span connected to the upper and lower beams as well as the lateral columns. In some cases, due to architectural reasons, or because of the building’s utilities, the existence of an opening is inevitable. Methodology: in this research, the behavior of the shear walls consisting of several openings, and also the reinforcement of the openings using finite element method are modelled and analyzed by Abaqus software. Architectural needs and also ornamental purposes can be considered as the reasons for using openings in steel shear walls. Furthermore, nonstructural issues such as situation and direction of utility systems can be regarded as other justifications for using openings in steel shear walls. Results: in this research, first, the effect of openings is analyzed, and then, the openings’ edges are reinforced and investigated. Based on the obtained results, the existence of an opening leads to a decline in the performance of steel shear walls. Conclusion: in this research, the openings’ edges are reinforced. Based on the results, the reinforcements play a significant role in the performance of steel shear walls involving an opening.