Archive \ Volume.8 2019 Issue 1

Assessment of the Allelopathic Effect of (Atriplex Canescens) “Fourwing Saltbush” on Germination of Seeds and Growth Parameters of (Artemisia Herba-Alba Asso)

Mellal Tahar , Labani Abderrahmane , Rechache Mustapha , Terras Mohamed

This work was done to evaluate allelopathic effects on seed germination of Artemisia herba-alba. Two aqueous extracts at different concentrations of leaves (LAC) and roots (RAC) of Atriplex canescens were prepared from: 2,5%; 5%; 10%;20% and 40%. They were used methodically on the seeds of Artemisia herba-alba. The results obtained showed that the bioassays had an inhibitory effect on the rate and speed of germination, shoot elongation, root development, and fresh and dry weight. The content of chlorophyll in the leaves decreased proportionally with the increase in the concentration of the Aqueous extracts of leaves (LAC) and roots (RAC) of Atriplex canescens. The higher concentration showed a significant inhibitory effect on the germination of seeds of Artemisia herba-alba.