World Journal of Environmental Biosciences
World Journal of Environmental Biosciences
2021 Volume 10 Issue 1

Ultrasonic Use in Endodontic Management Approach, Review Article

Bakheet Mohammed Al-Ghannam, Khalid Abdulmohsen Almuhrij, Rund Talal Basfar, Raghad Omar Alamoudi, Aseel Mohammed Alqahtani, Ahmed Atef Sait, Ahmed Loay Ghannam, Sultan Khalid Abdoun, Reema Adel Aboulkhair, Nour Abdulbadea Nuwaylati

The beneficial improved outcome and predictability of endodontic therapy could be indebted to the development of new equipment and methods. Significant factors, including the operating microscope and Ultrasonics (US), have found crucial uses in several dental practices. Ultrasonics in endodontics had represented a significant adjunct in the healing of tough cases and enhanced the quality of the treatment. Ultrasonics has become gradually beneficial in purpose, like securing contact to the openings of canals, root canal obturation, endodontic surgery, cleaning and shaping, and the eradication of intracanal debris and obstructions. Nowadays, Ultrasonics (US) has dentistry applications for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in addition to cleaning tools prior to sterilization, its major application is root planing and scaling of teeth and root canal treatment, both for retrograde and orthograde remedy. The purpose of this review article is to focus on the role of ultrasonics in endodontology.

The Medline, Pubmed, Embase, NCBI, and Cochrane databases were looked into for research of patients who developed diverticular disease symptoms. The incidence, etiology, and management options were analyzed. Ultrasonic has different types of usages in the dental industry, it can be involved in cleaning, creating a passage, and separating instruments.

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Al-Ghannam BM, Almuhrij KA, Basfar RT, Alamoudi RO, Alqahtani AM, Sait AA, et al. Ultrasonic Use in Endodontic Management Approach, Review Article. World J Environ Biosci. 2021;10(1):61-4.
Al-Ghannam, B. M., Almuhrij, K. A., Basfar, R. T., Alamoudi, R. O., Alqahtani, A. M., Sait, A. A., Ghannam, A. L., Abdoun, S. K., Aboulkhair, R. A., & Nuwaylati, N. A. (2021). Ultrasonic Use in Endodontic Management Approach, Review Article. World Journal of Environmental Biosciences, 10(1),61-64.
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