World Journal of Environmental Biosciences
World Journal of Environmental Biosciences
2019 Volume 8 Issue 3

Sustainable Urban Development of Sv2 Tourism Sector in‎ Kish Island, Iran

Mostafa Oroujihokmabadi

The tourist Island Kish, with an area of about 90 square kilometers, is located in the Persian Gulf ‎about 20 km from the southern coast of Iran and about 1000 km from Tehran. With its status as ‎a free port, the island has specialized as a successful tourist destination with large hotels and ‎services. The airport is located at the center of the island and all around the settlements. The fortune of the island as a tourist destination has encouraged immigration for reasons of ‎work, and at the same time has brought out the need for new residential areas to accommodate ‎tourists and workers. The thesis explores the development of a tourist and residential sector located on the southern ‎coast of the island, taking into account, in particular, the aspects of energy saving and ‎environmental protection. 
The work includes the following parts: 
a) topographical and urban analysis of the Island of Kish; 
b) verification of the general urban plan for the entire island. 
c) urban planning of a sector of approximately 114 hectares with a settlement capacity of 10 ‎thousand people.

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