World Journal of Environmental Biosciences
World Journal of Environmental Biosciences
2019 Volume 8 Issue 2

Species Identification of ArbuscularMycorrhizal Fungi in the Sunflower Rhizosphere in West Azerbaijan Province and Investigating the Effect of the Some Physicochemical Characteristics of Soil on Their Population

Morteza Nokam, YounesRezayi Danesh, Youbert Ghoosta, Mir Hassan Rasouli Sedghiani

This study was conducted to identify arbuscularMycorrhizal fungi associated with sunflower rhizosphere in West Azerbaijan province, investigating the frequency of spore population, studying the association of some important physicochemical characteristics of soil with frequency of fungal population and comparing different regions in terms of these characteristics. Sampling areas were divided into three districts in West Azerbaijan Province and 64 compound samples of soil were collected from the target areas. Six months later, microscopic slides were taken from spore samples isolated from the soil of the trap pots, and species were identified according to the valid identification keys. The spore population, regardless of the fungal species, was between 2085 to 6831 spores per 300 grams of soil. On the other hand, the results showed that the highest mean spore population was in Salmas and then, respectively, in Khoy and Urmia. In this study, 6 species of arbuscularmycorrhizal fungi were identified, including Gigasporaalbida, G. reticulatum, R. intraradices, G. macrocarpum, G. microcarpum and Funneliformismosseae, which are new records in Iran and the world for the sunflower rhizosphere. The results of statistical analysis on soil physicochemical properties and their relationship with the frequency of spore populations of arbuscularMycorrhiza, showed that there was a positive correlation between indices of pH and percentage of clay and sand in the soil with the mean fungal spores. On the other hand, a negative correlation was found between indices of EC, organic carbon percentage, available phosphorus and silt percentage with mean fungal spores.

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