World Journal of Environmental Biosciences
World Journal of Environmental Biosciences
2020 Volume 9 Issue 2

Preparation And Nutritional Properties Of Cookies From The Partial Replacement Of Wheat Flour Using Pumpkin Seeds Powder

Garsa Ali Alshehry

This study was carried out to evaluate the pumpkin seeds powder as function properties, phytochemicals, and vitamins to prepare cookies using partial replacement of 72%wheat flour extraction. Chemical composition, minerals content, and dietary fibers were determined in raw materials and its blends. Whereas, sensory evaluation, physical properties, color, and texture profile analysis were determined in cookies.The results showed that the functional and emulsification properties were of great quality in a pumpkin seed powder. Moreover, the pumpkin seeds had great total phenolic content, total flavonoids compounds, antioxidant activity, and vitamins. The results observed that the blend at 15% fortified pumpkin seeds powder wasthe highest in protein, fat, ash, and crude fiber; this may be due to greater the chemical composition of pumpkin seeds than the wheat flour 72% extraction. Also, when the pumpkin seeds powder increased, the fiber fractions increased in the different blends which caused pumpkin seeds and rinds to contain high amounts of fiber. Moreover, the minerals contained in the different blends were increased gradually when the pumpkin seeds powder was increased in blends as the pumpkin contained the greatest minerals content. The addition of pumpkin seeds powder to wheat flour up to 15% improved the sensory evaluation, color, and texture profile analysis.From the results, it could be indicated that the pumpkin seeds powder is a good source of chemical, phytochemicals, and vitamins which improves the cookies when preparing with up to 15% pumpkin seeds. Therefore, it could be recommended that when pumpkin seeds are added up to 15%,good quality and nutrition value are obtained for cookies.

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