World Journal of Environmental Biosciences
World Journal of Environmental Biosciences
2019 Volume 8 Issue 3

Medical Negligence: Current Position of Malaysia and Bangladesh

Zahidul Islam

Every day medical negligence is being committed worldwide. Medical negligence by doctors is a violation of the right to health which is granted by the constitution of Malaysia and Bangladesh. To protect the health of the citizens, many developed countries have enacted and established special laws, but in Bangladesh and Malaysia, there are no special laws associated with medical negligence. The main purpose of this paper was to focus on the current challenges of medical negligence in Malaysia and Bangladesh and to discuss the current laws related to medical negligence. The article also tried to highlight and explain reforming the existing system. It was a qualitative and comparative research. Primary and secondary resources were utilized in this paper. The information was obtained from many readings, articles, books, case law, and status. The result revealed that Bangladesh and Malaysia are following Medical Negligence from a long time ago. We have different issues to solve this situation. The problem is more severe in a society like Malaysia and Bangladesh where the issue of medical negligence is still thought to be an outcome of misfortune, and people superstitiously assume that the effect of medical negligence is sometimes the result of sin on the part of the parents of the patient. It is assumed that the current study helps to facilitate the improvement of the legal regime of medical negligence and the enforcement of laws for the better future of the medical negligence of Bangladesh and Malaysia‎‎.

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