World Journal of Environmental Biosciences
World Journal of Environmental Biosciences
2020 Volume 9 Issue 1

LoRaWAN Technology on Air Quality Monitoring for Public Health Protection

Rabeya Anzum

In this era of industrialization, air pollution is constantly increasing due to high vehicle mobility and factors like manufactures emissions. A healthy natural environment is vitally important for all eco-systems. Nowadays, cities all over the globe are transforming into smart cities. One of the smart city requirements is ensuring clean air in its premises. Therefore, a scalable and cost-effective air monitoring system is necessary to monitor and control air pollution for smart city deployment. LoRa is a new age low-power wide-area network technology, which is very efficient for air pollution monitoring. Implementation of LoRa technology along with sensors and gateways can offer a wide range of services for natural environment monitoring to ensure public health protection. This paper reviews on LoRaWAN Technology and its application on air quality (AQ) monitoring systems.

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