World Journal of Environmental Biosciences
World Journal of Environmental Biosciences
2018 Volume 7 Issue 2

Investigating the Effect of Beet Juice on Head Lice Treatment

Habib Hemmat, Mohammad Ebrahimzadeh Ardakani, Mohammad Hassan Lotfi, Monire Seyed hashemi, Majid Emtiazy

A significant number of patients refer to health centers suffer from lice disease. Despite the advances in public health, this disease has a high prevalence, especially in autumn and winter. There are many therapies in moderns and traditional medicine.  Beet has a lot of therapeutic effects and it is mentioned that it has anti-lice effects on Iranian medicine sources. We studied the effect of beet juice in the treatment of head lice. This randomized clinical trial was conducted on 280 patientas with head lice. Patients were randomly divided into two groups: control (140) and intervention (140). Each patient was examined for three variables (lice, nits, and itchiness). Permethrin shampoo (1%) and beet juice were given to the control and intervention groups, respectively. After twenty-four hours, both groups were examined for lice, Nits, and itchiness. The satisfaction at the end of treatment was asked from both groups and was recorded in the questionnaire in terms of low, moderate and high satisfaction. After treatment, mean scores of lice were decreased in both groups, and this decrease was significantly higher in the control group than in the intervention group (p =0.001). But after treatment, the average frequency of nits was more frequent in the beet juice group and significant decrease was observed in beet juice (p=0.009). The mean itchiness score was not statistically significant in both groups before and after the intervention. (p> 0.05).  It was found that satisfaction is more in intervention group than control group (p= 0.003). This study showed that beetroot water can be used to treat head lice. Although it is less effective than Permethrin in reducing lice, it is more effective in reducing the nits. Beetroot water can be offered to patients as an easy and uncomplicated way, even in pregnant mothers and infants, to manage this health problem through health centers. Since head lice are commonly found in family members, the control of the disease should be done in a massive way so that it can be effective. It seems that in terms of familial treatment, beet juice has a better capacity to reduce the burden of disease in the community than Permethrin.

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