World Journal of Environmental Biosciences
World Journal of Environmental Biosciences
2020 Volume 9 Issue 1

Investigating and Identifying the Success Components of Public Space

Kobra Shakoori Mahmoodabadi

Public space is a part of space that is easily accessible to the public and includes squares, streets, and paths that all people have the right to cross and is in public ownership. This study aims to identify the main physical components that can make success in space and can attract people to space. These components are not only known as success components but also, as a set of components with different titles such as components of a responsive space, components of vital public space, components of good space, are the main qualities of urban design. This study aims to study and identify the success components of public space. The research method is qualitative in terms of case study in which, the problem statement, selecting case, and observation are one in the area of Valiasr Intersection of Tehran. In the current study, first, the definition of public space is presented, its main functions are introduced, and then, the theoretical foundations related to the successful public space and urban design are studied and the main components introduced by theorists are characterized. The results show that the region has relative conflicts aesthetically. Due to the homogenous urban texture and the good composition of closed and open spaces and the mixture of artificial and natural elements, some parts of the complex leads to an improved urban image of the region, and on the other hand, in many other parts, due to the lack of proportions and inconsistency, not only the urban image is weak but also, the public image is ugly and undesirable. 

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