World Journal of Environmental Biosciences
World Journal of Environmental Biosciences
2018 Volume 7 Issue 1

Impact of Parasitic Helminths on the Growth of Luciobarbus callensis (Valenciennes, 1842) (Cyprinid fish) Populating Beni Haroun Dam

Mounia Tolba, Nouha Kaouachi, Chahinez Boualleg, Wahiba Mouaissia, Amel Allalga, Houda Berrouk, Souad Boulahbal

This study was carried out for the evaluation of the parasitic fauna of the autochthonous species Luciobarbus callensis (Valenciennes, 1842) synonym of Barbus callensis Valenciennes, 1842 belonging to the Cyprinid. This species has been widely distributed in the rivers of Algeria, and was studied for the first time in the Beni Haroun dam. The samples were obtained using a trammel net during the years of 2015-2016. On a total of 168 specimens examined, the biometric and anatomical measurements have shed light on a multitude aspects related to the growth and development of fish studied in relation to the infestation by endohelminth parasites. The evaluation of parasite indices according to size, sex and seasons showed that all the specimens of this fish species were likely to be parasitized, but with varying degrees.

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