World Journal of Environmental Biosciences
World Journal of Environmental Biosciences
2020 Volume 9 Issue 1

Herbal Plant Uvaria Species and Its Therapeutic Potentiality

K. R. Padma K. R. Don, P. Josthna

Herbal medication especially with employing natural plant products is gaining familiarity both in developing and developed countries. The studies of herbal drugs with antidiabetic activity are yet to be industrially prepared as the latest medicines although their therapeutic possessions in the conventional systems of medicine have been approved. Among different plant species, we have concentrated our studies on the Annonaceae family, which is a rich source and possesses a therapeutic potential for the advancement of novel pharmaceutical drugs. The Annonaceae family and its genus with several species have been thoroughly studied and revealed to provide numerous therapeutic substances which are used for the treatment of many illnesses. In this paper, we will discuss the therapeutic potential of Uvaria species which was derived from the Annonaceae genus. The present article focuses on diabetes mellitus and its treatment by using herbal remedies.

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