World Journal of Environmental Biosciences
World Journal of Environmental Biosciences
2019 Volume 8 Issue 3

Examining the Effect of Different Loadings on Truss Foundation Subsidence

Mojtaba Bagheri Akhijahani, Ebadollah Ghanbari

Examining the magnitude and the predictions of the rate of subsidence and damage caused by land subsidence is among the major and new studies done for truss structures and / or the fortifications needed before irreversible catastrophes occur that can be very useful for managing the urban crisis. The present study examined the modeling behavior of the foundation under the truss structure, where three types of soil, three types of loading, three types of widths, and three depth states are performed, and the following results were obtained. The effect of forces exiting the center (like wind) for foundations is almost negligible. In the samples, with 25 cm increase in foundation depth, vertical subsidence decreased roughly 4 times. The effect of soil type on the subsidence of software models was significant and with decrease in the soil elasticity modulus, 25% subsidence of the foundation increased.

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