World Journal of Environmental Biosciences
World Journal of Environmental Biosciences
2018 Volume 7 Issue 2

Essential Oils of Bellis Sylvestris, Asteriscus Maritimus and Artemisia Campestris Stems Growing in Different Areas in Algeria

Sarra Maarfia, Amar Zellagui, Mehmet Hakki Alma, Ali Göçeri, Eyyüp Karao?ul, Noureddine Gherraf

The chemical composition of the essential oils hydrodistillated from stems of Bellis sylvestris, Asteriscus maritimus and Artemisia campestris collected from different areas from Algeria, was analyzed by (GC.MS). In total, 52, 62 and 59 chemical compounds were identified in the essential oils. The essential oils represented 84.3%, 82.3 %, and 83.6% of the total oil composition in stems, respectively. The results showed that the major components from Bellis sylvestris stems were found to be: Azuleno(2,1-b) thiophen-3(2H)-one (27.2), Phenoxathiin (16.3%), Pentacosane (5.7%), α-Naphthoquinone (4,8 %). Whereas in Asteriscus maritimus stems, the major components were γ-Eudesmol (17.4%), 2-Naphthaleneac etaldehyde, 1,4-dihydro-α, α-dimethyl-1,4-dioxo- (5.9%), Humulane-1,6-dien-3-ol (5.1%), and Isolongifolene, 7,8-dehydro-8a-hydroxy- (4.5%). And in Artemisia campestris stems, the major components were 2-Naphthaleneac etaldehyde, 1,4-dihydro-α, α-dimethyl-1,4-dioxo- (22,1%), Falcarinol (12 %), γ-Muurolene (4.6%) and Pentacosane (4.3%).

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