World Journal of Environmental Biosciences
World Journal of Environmental Biosciences
2018 Volume 7 Issue 2

Effect of the Physicochemical Water Quality on The Development and Growth of the Tomato Plants (Study Case of the Variety: ISMA F1)

Mourad Lazhar Bouzou, Chaabene Rahmoune3, Mouslim Bara, Ratiba Seridi, Moussa Houhamdi

This current study was focused on the effect of waste water used to irrigate tomato plantation (Lycopersicom lycopersicum, ISMA F1 variety) and its relationship with a morphological, flowering and productivity parameters of these plants. The study was carried out during vegetative cycle of this plant at different levels according to four water categories used in irrigation (T0, T1, T2 and T3). All biometric variables were measured and correlated. Our results show a significant effect of water reused (after treatment) on the growth of plants. This water used had high level of fertilizers, elements which allow all plants to growth normally. According to all data obtained from this study, we suggest that this method to be used in order to manage these resources positively and reduce the cost of different fertilizers.

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