World Journal of Environmental Biosciences
World Journal of Environmental Biosciences
2018 Volume 7 Issue 1

Ecology, Distribution and Diversity of Chiropteran Fauna in the East of Algeria

Yassmina Mokrani, Fateh Mimeche, Yassine Nouidjem, Menouar Saheb

The study of troglophilic Chiroptera was done in the far east of Algeria (the region of Tamlouka) between January 2014 and December 2015. Two inventory methods were used: capture and direct observation in habitat. Data collected to date appear to confirm the scarcity of certain species, in the case of small and large horseshoe bat. This is the first data reported of Chiropteran Fauna in Tamlouka region. Five species captured belonging to three families: Rhinolophidae, Miniopteridae and Vespertilionidae, these species are: Rhinolophus hipposideros, Rhinolophus ferrumequinum, Myotis punicus, Miniopterus schreibersi, and Pipistrellus Kuhli. The surveys were carried out in 10 caves in this region.

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