World Journal of Environmental Biosciences
World Journal of Environmental Biosciences
2018 Volume 7 Issue 2

Damming Effects of Spatial and Seasonal Distribution of Dissolved Nutrients and Fluxes from A Mediterranean River (North-Ouest Algeria)

Khammar Hichem, Hadjab Ramzi, Rebbah Abd Raouf Chouaib, Saheb Menouar, Merzoug Djemoi

This present study investigated the spatio-temporal variation of nutrients and fluxes from Chlef river, and the examination of the results showed that the Sub basin of Chlef river, upstream waters, and downstream salty waters are controlled by the tidal process.  In terms of nutrients, it was noticed that the basin especially holds more reduced mineral nutrients, and generates oxidized forms. High levels of ammonium were observed in times of floods with a 54% upstream annual percentage, which in these fractions were converted to nitrate during the summer, and 66% of these fractions were eliminated by the metabolism growth in reservoirs. For the P mineral, our results indicated high levels in dry period, and low amounts in wet period. These concentrations were generated by the hydro-geochemical comporting phosphorus. For silicates forms, we observed a decrease between upstream and downstream with a high retention by the dam. For nutrients flux, we observed that our estuary contributed less charge of ammonia but high charge of nitrite, while this element generated more charge of dissolved inorganic nitrogen. The N/P ratio indicated the dissolved nitrogen as the generator of eutrophication in the catchment.

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