World Journal of Environmental Biosciences
World Journal of Environmental Biosciences
2022 Volume 11 Issue 2

Awareness of Obstructive Lung Diseases and its Risk Factors, A Systematic Review

Mohammed Ghannam Thallab Alharbi, Yasser Abdurrahman O AlHadhari, Nasser Fahad G AlAnazi, Rasil Naif Alanazi, Haneen Obaid Alanazi, Abdulaziz Salamah B AlAnazi, Abdulaziz Musallam S AlJohani, Abdulrahman Shuwaysh Bayyudh Alanazi, Wael Ayad O Alruwaili, Bandar Ayed Q Alanazi, Abdullah Saad A Alanazi, Abdulmajeed Khulaif M Alanazi, Mohammed Khaled T Alenezi, Abdulaziz Mashan R Alanazi, Rasha Zaki A Alruwaili

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is characterized by tissue loss and a growing restriction of airflow. Due to chronic inflammation brought on by extended exposure to noxious particles or gases, most often cigarette smoke, it is linked to structural abnormalities in the lungs. Airway constriction and a reduction in lung recoil are the results of chronic inflammation. In affluent countries, the majority of COPD cases are caused by tobacco use. Smoking duration and pack years determine the severity of the condition, which causes alveolar damage and gradual loss of lung function. COPD is mostly brought on by environmental contaminants in poorer nations. The study aims to summarize current pieces of evidence about Obstructive lung disease awareness among different populations in addition to its risk factors, causes, management, and prognosis.  For article selection, the PubMed database and EBSCO Information Services were used. All relevant articles relevant to our topic and other articles were used in our review. Other articles that were not related to this field were excluded. The data was extracted in a specific format that was reviewed by the group members. Our study included 9 studies in total. The studies indicated that there is low awareness of the disease among many regions that different studies were made which means that there is an increased need for raising awareness of the disease and its risk factors such as smoking. Moreover, when it comes to the management of the disease one study indicated that patients who use single-administration inhalers are more compliant with the treatment than those who used multiple administrated ones.

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Alharbi MGT, AlHadhari YAO, AlAnazi NFG, Alanazi RN, Alanazi HO, AlAnazi ASB, et al. Awareness of Obstructive Lung Diseases and its Risk Factors, A Systematic Review. World J Environ Biosci. 2022;11(2):54-60.
Alharbi, M. G. T., AlHadhari, Y. A. O., AlAnazi, N. F. G., Alanazi, R. N., Alanazi, H. O., AlAnazi, A. S. B., AlJohani, A. M. S., Alanazi, A. S. B., Alruwaili, W. A. O., Alanazi, B. A. Q., & et al. (2022). Awareness of Obstructive Lung Diseases and its Risk Factors, A Systematic Review. World Journal of Environmental Biosciences, 11(2), 54-60.
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