World Journal of Environmental Biosciences
World Journal of Environmental Biosciences
2021 Volume 10 Issue 2

A Review on Schizophrenia Diagnosis and Management Approach

Sharifa Mohammed Omar Khormi, Mona Ali M Qahtani, Bashaer Hadi A Khormi, Khalid Mousa Q Kulaybi, Reem Mohammed Y Kariri, Ibtihal Hassan A Hadi, Fahd Saud A Almesned, Khalid Mohammed Altuwayjiri, Haitham Mohammed Saeed

Schizophrenia is a severe mental illness commonly encountered during clinical practice. The article overview provides an overview of the epidemiology, clinical characteristics, investigations, and management of schizophrenia to establish the basis for understanding the disorder and the treatment. This review article is aimed to highlight the recent research findings to improve clinical understanding. The 1st theory considered is the effect of genetic and early-life environmental risk factors in altering neurologic development to predispose the patient to the disorder and its prodromal symptoms. The 2nd theory impacted the cortical excitatory-inhibitory imbalance development of the -ve diseases and cognitive signs. The factors related to psychological role, dysfunction of subcortical dopamine, and psychosocial stressors are considered the third and final theory in developing the +ve symptoms of the disorder. The databases searched for studies were Medline, Pubmed, Embase, NCBI, and Cochrane of patients who developed schizophrenia. The incidence, etiology, and management options were analyzed. Schizophrenia presents with complex manifestations caused by multifactorial etiologies. Nonetheless, the fundamental characters in neurological circuits have been acknowledged as progressive neurosciences, precisely the brain's frontal, temporal, and mesostriatal regions that incorporate the improvement of both +ve and –ve intellectual symptoms. The exact mechanism was used to operate current pharmacological treatments, Flupentixol, that contribute to their adverse effects. However, the circuit mechanisms discussed a potential cure to target the particular benefit in signs domains, which did not serve by the existing medicines.

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Khormi SMO, Qahtani MAM, Khormi BHA, Kulaybi KMQ, Kariri RMY, Hadi IHA, et al. A Review on Schizophrenia Diagnosis and Management Approach. World J Environ Biosci. 2021;10(2):72-4.
Khormi, S. M. O., Qahtani, M. A. M., Khormi, B. H. A., Kulaybi, K. M. Q., Kariri, R. M. Y., Hadi, I. H. A., Almesned, F. S. A., Altuwayjiri, K. M., & Saeed, H. M. (2021). A Review on Schizophrenia Diagnosis and Management Approach. World Journal of Environmental Biosciences, 10(2),72-74.
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