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WJEB is a public health journal serving the public health community and scientists working on matters of public health interest and importance, involving the environment.

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World Journal of Environmental Biosciences (WJEB), brings articles in all areas related to Environmental science and applied Biology on quarterly basis. WJEB welcomes the submission of manuscripts that fit the general criteria of significance and scientific Supremacy.
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WJEB is a scientific journal which provides an opportunity to share the information among the medical scientists, biologist and researchers.
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This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.
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WJEB will check plagiarism for all the articles before prior publication. If the plagiarism content is observed by editors, peer reviewers or by editorial staff members at any stage of publication process at the time of editing or proof reading will be communicate to author to rewrite the manuscript.

Recent Articles

2020 Volume 9 Issue 1
Investigating the Impact Resistance in RSNN Reactive Powder Concretes and Ordinary NSRN Concretes
Navid Mohammadnia, Hadi Mahdizad Nami
Nowadays, the progress in the construction industry has seemingly made it necessary to use new and substitute materials. One of the materials used in concrete industry during the recent decade is the reactive powder concrete. The present study deals with the impact strength of this concrete considering the remarkable strength properties of this con
2020 Volume 9 Issue 1
Tehran Privacy - Legal Principles, Problems and Reasons for Failure
Masoud Masoumi
Tehran as the capital of the Islamic Republic of Iran has about 8.7 million inhabitants, according to the census of 2016 and this is equivalent to 10% of the total population of the country[1]. Accelerated and uncontrolled growth of concentration of population, wealth, and activity in the city of Tehran has led to several problems such as loss of q
2020 Volume 9 Issue 1
Design of Archeological Garden Museum Regarding Creation of Culture and Tradition of Shiraz, Iran
Mojtaba Nasirian, Nazanin Dehnad
One of the significant cultural indicators of every society is how the works and achievements of other society members are presented and introduced. Communication and information levels are the critical indicators of the cultural development of societies. Galleries, cinema, and theater halls, permanent and temporary exhibitions, and museums are sub
2020 Volume 9 Issue 1
Investigating and Identifying the Success Components of Public Space
Kobra Shakoori Mahmoodabadi
Public space is a part of space that is easily accessible to the public and includes squares, streets, and paths that all people have the right to cross and is in public ownership. This study aims to identify the main physical components that can make success in space and can attract people to space. These components are not only known as success c
2020 Volume 9 Issue 1
The Study of Cable Behavior with Two Spring-Dampers and One Viscous Damper
Nasim Shakouri Mahmoudabadi
The objective of this research was to investigate the behavior of cables with two springs-damper and one viscous damper. To this end, a major mode is adopted to control the vibration of the cable. In this mode, two damping springs are connected to both ends of the cable. The purpose is to reduce the vibrations of the cable by placing a third damper
2020 Volume 9 Issue 1
Selection of a Combination of Bird and Fuzzy Algorithms to Predict Project Risk
Samira Zandi, Babak Sharifmehr
This article proposes a method with the integration of PSO and fuzzy optimization to provide decision support in project risk response. The main steps of the method included: (1) formulation of alternative risk response actions based on PSO, and (2) determination of the optimal set of RRAs using a fuzzy optimization model. In this method, project m

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2020 Volume 9 Issue 1
Designing an Energy-Efficient Mechanism to Regulate the Transmission Power Rate in Wireless Sensor Networks
Rahim Mehri, Abbas Mirzaei Somarin
Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are of great importance for wireless technology. While wireless sensor networks have many advantages, they also have some drawbacks such as limited sending ability of nodes, because replaing or charging battery of sensor is impossible during its lifetime. Sending data at high power levels reduces operating power and
2020 Volume 9 Issue 1
Evaluation of leakage performance and deformation of Dehgolan's Sural Dam using numerical methods and comparing them with instrumentation results
Khabat Azizi
Dams account for a large part of the investment related to basic infrastructures. Considering the fact that increasing safety factor in the project is proportionally followed by an upward increase in costs, it is very essential to ensure the stability of dams in all stages of designing, implementation and commissioning. In the case study of Sural D
2020 Volume 9 Issue 1
Criminological Explanation of the Impact of Child Victimization on their Delinquency
Seyed Bahman Khodadadi, Sadegh Safari
Today, the modern upheavals and approaches in the field of applied criminology have led the social sciences researchers in general and the criminal psychology researchers in particular, to focus on the other side of the criminal act, which is the victimization, more than ever. The findings of these sciences indicate that many of the society’s membe
2020 Volume 9 Issue 1
The Acaricidal Activity of Polar and Non-Polar Plant Extract of Artemisia Absinthium and Artemisia Annua on Red Mite
Samere Ghavami, Keramat Asasi, Mostafa Razavi
Red mite is one of the most arthropods in layers that has a worldwide distribution. Although there are different synthetic compounds against this mite, because of drug resistance and chemical residuals of these compounds in meat and egg, substitute methods like herbal medicine now are developing. In the following study N-Hexane and Ethanol extract,
2020 Volume 9 Issue 1
Evaluating the Sustainability of the Spatial Planning Documents in Iran from the Perspective of Green Economy Approach
Razieh Molla Mirzaei, Sahar Nedaei Tousi, Maryam Samadian
The ineffectiveness of the unidirectional approaches during recent decades has caused the world to encounter numerous challenges in sustainability and persistence grounds. Now that decades have elapsed since the sustainable development concept was first introduced, there are numerous operational and assessorial instruments within the format of meth
2020 Volume 9 Issue 1
Ex vivo investigation of the thermal and structural effects of plasma needle on teeth
Seyed Hamed Pour Rahmati Khalejan, Vedat Keskin, Mehrdad Fojlaley
Atmospheric pressure non-thermal glow discharges have shown a considerable promise for medical and dental applications. These kinds of plasmas are capable of producing short-lived chemical active species, which are propelled toward a surface to be treated. A plasma needle as a source of non-thermal glow discharge, which works under atmospheric pres


2020 Volume 9

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2020 Volume 9 Issue 4

Bioprospecting of endophytes isolated from selected Zimbabwean medicinal plants
Nyambo Kudakwashe, Sithole Niang Idah
Assessing the Knowledge Level of Tribal Farmers on Indigenous Agricultural Practices in Paddy
K. Velavan, M. Natarajan
An Overview on Diagnosis and Management of Gastroenteritis in Primary Health Care Center
Zainab M. Alamer, Ahmad A. Almuhanna, Yasmin K. Alsultan, Abdulqader A. M. Alfaifi, Fatimah M. Alabdulmuhsin, Ali A. AlOmran, Ibrahim A. Almuqrin, Faisal S. Al-Haider, Mohammed A. Aldail, Ahmad Y. A. Saigh
Protecting the Environment through Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)
Pawitar Dulari, Brijender Bhushan, Vivek C. Chandel, Ajay Bhushan
An Overview on Cystitis Diagnosis and Management Approach in PHC
Fatimah A. AlSawad, Ahmed S. Alotaibi, Ghadah A. Alotheem, Refal H. Jamjoom, Aljoharah A. Aljohani, Rawan S. Albalawi, Ahmed M. Alanazi, Raef A. Alturkistani, Abdulrahman A. Aljumah, Basil R. Alanzi, Mohammed A. Almutairi
Extraction of Natural Pigments from Food-Industrial Waste and their Use in the Manufacture of Jelly Candy for a Child
Eman Hassan Ahmed Algarni
An Overview on Schizophrenia Diagnosis and Management Approach
Nour A. A. Al-Hemaid, Bashaer A. Alsaeed, Saja O. S. Bakhshwaen, Zahra A. J. Al-Thwaimr, Anmar Y. Alshibely, Adnan G. A. Alghamdi, Nada N. Z. Alshammari, Abdullah O. Al-Jabal, Basam H. Aljewayed, Saad A. Aljibreen
The Effect of Bariatric Surgery on Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Qasem A. A. Alnahwi, Hassan R. Boonagah, Omar M. Alghamdi, Abdullah D. Alrashod, Hussain A. Alkhawaja, Othman M. Alshahrani, Abdullah A.Alanazi, S. Alshami M Alruwaili, Alnuwaysir A. Mohammed, Muteb S. Alshammari, Ahmad J. Alsmaeel
Drying Process of Garlic and Allicin Potential-A Review
Mehrdad Fojlaley, Fatih Kalkan, Adel Ranji

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2020 Volume 9 Issue 4


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